Helm's Genealogy Toolbox is the oldest comprehensive genealogy and local history index, first appearing in 1994. The links on this site point to other resources available on the World Wide Web to assist your research. To get started, type in a search term or select a focused search from the list below.

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Type your search terms into the form below and then click the Search button. The following are some search hints to better refine your results:
  • Use quotation marks to search specifically on a term -- such as, "genealogy toolbox" will yield results where the words genealogy and toolbox are next to each other; it is the most restrictive search
  • Use the AND operator for pages containing each search term -- such as, Genealogy AND Toolbox will yield results where both words are on the page, but not necessarily next to each other
  • Use the OR operator for pages containing any of the search terms -- such as, Genealogy OR Toolbox will yield results where either word is on the page
  • Use the NOT operator for pages containing one or more terms, but not another -- such as, toolbox NOT genealogy will yield results where toolbox is on the page, but genealogy is not
  • Use the * wildcard to receive results with any ending -- for example, the search Helm* will yield results with Helm, Helms, Helme, Helmes, Helmsing
  • You can also use combinations of operators -- for example "George Helm" NOT Kentucky


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